Gladiator Equine FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What research supports the effectiveness of this technology?

Dr. Carrick and Dr. Sugaya, respected researchers from the University of Central Florida College of Medicine (UCF COM) in Orlando, Florida, have conducted several independent studies demonstrating the technology’s ability to accelerate wound healing. These studies revealed a significant 68% increase in the healing rate when compared to no intervention. Their findings were published in a peer-reviewed medical journal in 2021, Life Cell Biology and Tissue Engineering Journal, and accepted for a presentation at the 2021 Military Health System Research Symposium (MHSRS).

2. How does the technology use quantum physics and far-infrared technology to achieve these results?

Gladiator Equine products utilize a uniquely constructed, highly patented ceramic device to emit far-infrared into the horse’s body. This causes vibration at the cellular level and thus increases cell signaling allowing the necessary regenerative and healing properties of the body to be optimized. The technology requires no external power source as it utilizes the body’s natural heat to activate production of far-infrared.

3. How do Gladiator Equine products work?

Gladiator Equine products utilize non-powered far-infrared (FIR) technology to reduce soreness and inflammation in horses. This technology is passive and non-invasive, requiring no external power source. When far-infrared rays penetrate the body, they interact at a cellular level, leading to beneficial effects such as improved blood flow, reduced inflammation, muscle relaxation, and faster wound healing.

4. Do Gladiator Equine products generate heat?

No, Gladiator Equine products do not produce heat as they are self-powered and autonomous.

5. What are the benefits of using Gladiator Equine products?

Pain Reduction: Gladiator Equine’s lightweight and portable devices can be applied to any part of a horse’s body, reducing pain effectively.

Ceramic Technology: All devices incorporate patented ceramic technology, ensuring their legitimacy and innovation.

Non-invasive & Non-toxic: These devices are non-invasive and do not require medication; simply place them on the affected area.

Energy Source: Gladiator Equine devices are cordless and do not need batteries; they use the horse’s body in conjunction with ceramic technology for power.

Improved Circulation & Reduced Inflammation: These products enhance blood flow, reducing inflammation and associated pain.

Accelerated Healing: Horses can wear these devices to speed up muscle and soft tissue healing and promote hoof growth after training and competitions.

Safety: Gladiator Equine’s simple design and innovative technology make all their products safe, with no side effects and no risk of overexposure.

6. Are there specific conditions or injuries where this technology is particularly effective?

This technology is effective for conditions involving inflammation, wound healing, and cellular recovery. The Reign Ease® device, when worn on the poll, also reduces anxiety and induces a calming effect to relax the muscles and reduce the animal’s stress response.

7. How should this technology be applied to horses, and how often should it be used?

Gladiator devices are designed for specific body parts and can be easily attached with Velcro. There are no limitations on usage frequency. The longer you use Gladiator Equine devices, the more beneficial they are for your horse, whether for healing, recovery, or overall well-being.

8. Are there any potential side effects or risks associated with the use of this technology?

There are no known side effects associated with this technology. Maintaining proper hydration during use is recommended. Gladiator Therapeutics conducted extensive tests during the product development process to ensure its safety for both humans and animals.

9. How does this patented technology compare to existing methods or technologies in terms of effectiveness and cost?

Gladiator Therapeutics’ devices offer a unique combination of protection and therapy. While many lower-priced products primarily serve as protective layers, Gladiator devices provide clinical-strength therapy that promotes cellular-level healing and recovery. They represent groundbreaking and innovative approaches to pain and inflammation associated with healing, utilizing non-powered FIR technology to activate cellular regeneration and accelerate healing, thus enhancing recovery, overall well-being, and complementing existing medical regimes.

10. Can this technology be applied to species other than horses, or is it specific to equine physiology?

Gladiator Equine is specifically designed for use on horses. However, the same technology is currently used on human patients for various applications, including surgical recovery, wound care, and sports recovery. It is also beneficial for riders, farriers, and trainers. More information can be found on

11. Are there any legal or ethical considerations surrounding the use of this technology?

During the product development process, Gladiator Therapeutics conducted extensive tests to ensure the product is safe for both humans and animals, prioritizing the principle of “doing no harm.”

12. Does the product ever get hot/cold in extreme heat or cold conditions?

The product may become too hot to touch in extreme heat, so it should be allowed to cool down before use. Do not use on a horse if it has been left out all day in extremely hot weather.

13. How can you tell when it is working?

Therapeutic devices typically begin working within 5-10 minutes of application. Horses usually do not feel the device working, except in rare instances when healing causes nerve sensations. In such cases, slight adjustments to the device near the treatment area can resolve any sensitivity. The effectiveness of Gladiator Equine’s products can be observed through reduced soreness and inflammation, faster wound healing, increased hoof growth, and overall improvements in the horse’s well-being. For Reign Ease®, you will notice behavioral changes in your horse within 30 minutes of use.

14. What are the benefits of using Gladiator Equine products?

Gladiator Equine products can reduce soreness and inflammation in horses with various wounds and injuries, accelerate wound healing, minimize complications from prolonged healing, boost new hoof growth, and promote a calming effect. They also serve as adjunct therapies to enhance the effectiveness of other medical regimes, offering a non-invasive and autonomous alternative to improve a horse’s quality of life.

15. Are Gladiator Equine products easy to use?

Yes, Gladiator Equine products are autonomous and non-invasive, requiring no external power source, making them suitable for use in any environment around the world.

16. Could it ever be worn too long?

There are no time limits for wearing the devices, as they do not generate heat or damage tissues. The longer they are worn, the faster healing occurs for wound applications.

17. Do the ceramics ever wear out?

The ceramics do not wear out and will last a lifetime. With proper maintenance and care, your Gladiator Equine products will continue to provide healing benefits for years.

18. Is there anything that should not be placed near the device that could deactivate it?

The device cannot be deactivated, but if placed in a cold environment, it may require ambient body heat to begin emitting.

19. Has it ever had the opposite effect on a horse and caused inflammation or anxiety?

To the best of our knowledge, there has never been an adverse event caused by the technology. Furthermore, when using Reign Ease®, a calming effect is achieved to reduce anxiety.

20. What is the difference in the amount of ceramics used?

After extensive clinical research, Gladiator Therapeutics has determined the optimal number of ceramics for each treatment application, ensuring optimized efficacy.

21. Are these safe for young horses?

The devices are safe for horses of all ages.

22. Are these safe to use on pregnant horses?

The device has not been tested on pregnant horses at this time.

23. Is it ever not safe on any parts of the body?

The device is safe for use on the entire body. When treating the eye area, the ceramic emitters should be placed above or to the sides of the eye. The infrared therapy will penetrate the skin and travel through the body to reach the eye area.

24. Why should customers choose Gladiator Equine over other alternatives?

Gladiator Therapeutics has conducted studies validating the efficacy of their products with outstanding results. Other companies rely on third-party studies that reference the technology in general and are not conducted on their proprietary devices. Not all products have the same composition, design, and efficacy.

25. Is it permissible to carry our product through Airport security?

Yes, there are no safety concerns associated with traveling with any of our devices.

26. What is the Return Policy?

All devices are single-user devices and are nonrefundable except for manufacturing defects.


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