benefits of fetlock wraps

What are the Benefits of Fetlock Wraps?

By Gladiator Equine

May 8, 2024

In equestrian sports, a horse’s health and well-being are of the utmost importance. Responsible horse owners and riders must ensure that their equine partners receive the best care possible. This is important not only for their health but also for the safety of the rider.

An important body part of the horse is the fetlock joint, which has to carry a lot of weight and pressure. One crucial aspect of equine care is supporting the fetlock joint. To do this, many horse owners and riders use fetlock wraps, and Gladiator Equine offers our own brand of fetlock wraps.

What are Fetlock Wraps?

Fetlock wraps are protective bandages designed to cover and support a horse’s fetlock joint, which is the equivalent of the human ankle. A horse’s size and weight are more than a human’s so it carries more than the usual human ankle, and they have four of them.

These wraps come in various materials, such as fleece, cotton, and neoprene, and are typically secured with Velcro closures for a snug and comfortable fit.

The Benefits of Using Fetlock Wraps

  1. Protection: Fetlock wraps serve as a barrier between the horse’s legs and external elements, such as dirt, sand, and debris. This protection is particularly important during high-impact activities like jumping or galloping, where the risk of injury is higher for both you and the horse.
  2. Support: The snug fit of fetlock wraps provides compression and support to the fetlock joint and surrounding tendons and ligaments. This added support can help prevent strains, sprains, and other injuries, particularly in horses with pre-existing conditions or those engaging in strenuous activities.
  3. Warmth: Some fetlock wraps offer thermal properties that can warm a horse’s legs. This warmth can be beneficial for horses working in cold weather conditions or those with arthritis or stiffness in their joints.
  4. Cleanliness: Fetlock wraps help keep the horse’s legs clean by preventing dirt and debris from coming into direct contact with the skin. This cleanliness not only promotes overall hygiene but also reduces the risk of skin irritation and infections.

What’s Special About Gladiator Equine’s PTR™ Fetlock Wraps?

When choosing fetlock wraps for your horse, it’s essential to consider the various materials and designs available. While all of these options provide benefits, Gladiator Equine PTR™ Fetlock Wraps stand out from the rest with their innovative FIR technology.

This far infrared technology helps improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and promote healing, offering added benefits beyond traditional fetlock wraps.

4 Tips for Proper Use

To ensure your horse receives the maximum benefit from fetlock wraps, it’s crucial to use them correctly. Some tips for proper use include:

  1. Ensure a proper fit: Fetlock wraps should be snug but not too tight. A wrap that is too loose can slip, while one that is too tight can restrict blood flow and cause discomfort.
  2. Apply evenly: When wrapping, make sure you evenly distribute pressure across the fetlock joint and surrounding areas. Uneven pressure can lead to potential injuries.
  3. Check regularly: Inspect your horse’s fetlock wraps before and after each use to ensure that they are in good condition and properly positioned.
  4. Clean and maintain: Regularly clean your fetlock wraps according to the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure longevity and optimal performance.

4 Common Mistakes in Using Fetlock Wraps

While fetlock wraps are invaluable for the protection and support of your horse’s legs, improper use can lead to issues rather than benefits. Here are some common mistakes to avoid:

  1. Over-tightening: One of the most frequent mistakes horse owners and riders can make is wrapping their fetlock wraps too tightly. Over-tightening can obstruct circulation, leading to discomfort or even damage to the underlying tissues. It’s vital to strike a balance between making sure it’s secure and allowing natural blood flow.
  2. Inconsistent wrapping: Consistency in the pressure applied while wrapping is key. Inconsistent wrapping, where parts are too tight and others too loose, can cause uneven pressure distribution. This not only reduces the effectiveness of the wraps but can also run the risk of injury.
  3. Using worn or damaged wraps: Continuing to use fetlock wraps that are worn out, stretched, or damaged can compromise the level of protection and support they offer. Regularly inspect your wraps and replace them when needed. If you need a fetlock wrap that will last longer than others, consider those from Gladiator Therapeutics.
  4. Ignoring the need for cleanliness: Wraps should be kept clean and dry so they don’t irritate your horse’s skin or cause any infections. Using dirty wraps can introduce bacteria to your horse, especially in a humid environment where such pathogens thrive.

Avoiding these common mistakes can ensure that your wraps serve their purpose of protecting and supporting your horse’s legs.

Contact Gladiator Equine For More Information About Fetlock Wraps Benefits

Fetlock wraps are a vital tool in promoting your horse’s health and well-being. By offering protection, support, warmth, and cleanliness, these wraps can help maximize your horse’s performance and minimize the risk of injury.

When selecting fetlock wraps, consider the added benefits of Gladiator Equine’s FIR technology for enhanced circulation and healing. As with any equine care product, proper use and maintenance are key to ensuring the best results for your horse. Contact us for more information.


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